Midwest Veterinary Services/Central States Research Centre

In Oakland, a community of less than 1,500 about 60 miles northwest of Omaha, is a small group of companies that are doing big things to enhance the health of animals and the people who care for them.

Midwest Veterinary Services (MVS) and Central States Research Centre (CSRC) together provide a diverse offering of services to regional universities, medical centers and the animal health community. These two Nebraska corporations are under the ownership and management of Kelly Lechtenberg, DVM, Ph.D.

Along with his wife Marcie, Lechtenberg founded MVS in 1987 and established CSRC in 1995. The companies work to enhance safety and efficacy for cattle, swine and poultry products. CSRC has maintained AAALAC accreditation since October 2007.  Collectively, the companies serve the animal health community by performing third-party product evaluations. The Lechtenbergs also own Logan Valley Feeders, LLC, a commercial cattle and a swine production unit near West Point, Neb.

Nearly 50 employees work at the company businesses, including veterinarians, microbiologists, an entomologist and nutritionists as well as a variety of technicians and support personnel.

A native of Butte, Neb., Lechtenberg serves as a consultant to help manufacturers of animal health pharmaceuticals and vaccines enhance the health of food animals and increase the safety of the nation’s food supply. Lechtenberg and his team have also been involved in exploring opportunities in translational medicine, involving the use of animal models for human disease, application of medical research for veterinary applications and assisting with the development of xenotransplantation opportunities through the development of chimeric pigs. Lechtenberg has presented data to the World Health Organization and more than 20 international symposiums and has represented the animal health industry before Congress.

Bio Nebraska’s role is important to keep the life science industry at the forefront. “We appreciate the support of Bio Nebraska and fully support its mission to provide better health care, enhanced agriculture and a cleaner and safer environment while creating economic development opportunities in our state,” Lechtenberg said.

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