About Bio Nebraska

Founded in 2005, Bio Nebraska is a non-profit trade association dedicated to supporting Nebraska’s bioscience sector and ensuring the sector grows and thrives.

Bio Nebraska is the only organization in the state representing over 100 bio-related entities in the human health, medical device, animal health, agriculture, renewable fuels and industrial biotech sectors, as well as educational institutions and service providers.

Our goals include:
  • Bringing people together to form valuable connections and relationships.
  • Stimulating growth and positive change by championing Nebraska’s biosciences.
  • Aiding in the development of a highly educated and diverse workforce that can contribute to Nebraska’s biosciences.


Our mission is to promote, connect, and catalyze the biosciences in Nebraska.


Our vision is for Nebraska to be the best state for the biosciences.

Join us in our effort to grow the biosciences in our state. View the benefits of membership or contact us to discuss the opportunities Bio Nebraska may be able to provide you.