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Support your organization and the bio-ecosystem in the state of Nebraska by becoming a member of Bio Nebraska.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to any for-profit entity that utilizes life sciences or other biotechnology involved with research, development, testing, manufacturing or sales of a product or information, including health care providers and medical centers. Investment amount is based on the total number of people employed by the applicant company benefiting from membership.*

The investment schedule follows:
  • 1-9 employees $200
  • 10-49 employees $400
  • 50-299 employees $1,000
  • 300-499 employees $2,500
  • 500+ employees $5,000

*Employers with more than 500 employees globally, regardless of number of employees at applicant location will have a minimum annual investment of $1000.

University Membership

University membership is open to any public or private post-secondary academic institution that utilizes life sciences or other biotechnology and is involved with research and/or development of a product or information. Annual investment is $7,000.

Government Agency, Nonprofit Entity & Community College Membership

Any governmental agency, nonprofit entity or community college that has an interest in, works in support of, or is under a mandate to promote biotechnology can become a member by providing an annual investment of $1,000.

Professional Service Provider Membership

The Professional Service Provider membership is available to any firm that provides professional services to members of the bioscience industry such as architects, accountants, attorneys, consultants or engineers.

The annual investment for the Professional Service Provider Membership:

  • 1-19 Nebraska-based employees $500
  • 20-199 Nebraska-based employees $1,000
  • 200+ Nebraska-based employees $2,000

*Employers with more than 200 employees globally, regardless of number of Nebraska employees, will have a minimum annual investment of $2000.

Student Membership

Student membership is available to any individual student (K-16) who has an interest in the life sciences. Annual investment is $25.

Memberships are for organizations and apply to all employees of the organization and are based upon employment within the state of Nebraska.

Bio Nebraska is a Section 501(c)(6) organization. As such, a portion of your membership investment may be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor prior to claiming Bio Nebraska membership dues as a deductible contribution. While the amount of membership allocated to lobbying activities is expected to be less than five percent (5%), the amount actually allocated will be reviewed annually to ensure accuracy.

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