Bio Nebraska Applauds Nebraska Legislature for Passing LB 1107

A Statement from Bio Nebraska:

Bio Nebraska congratulates the Nebraska Legislature for today’s approval of Legislative Bill (LB) 1107 and looks forward to Gov. Pete Ricketts signing this legislation into law. LB 1107 includes LB 720, the ImagiNE Nebraska Act, and LB 605, the Renewable Chemical Production Tax Credit Act, two key pieces of legislation supported by Bio Nebraska.

“LB 1107 is an essential component to the growth of Nebraska’s economy and bio-ecosystem,” said Rob Owen, executive director of Bio Nebraska. “In order for Nebraska to compete in the global economy, a sound and prudent business incentive program is needed and the ImagiNE Nebraska Act fits that bill. Furthermore, industrial biotechnology continues to grow the market for our state’s agricultural products through the creation of higher value, bio-based products. The Renewable Chemical Production Tax Credit will only magnify Nebraska’s position and ensure that the state remains a competitive player in the industry.”