Bio Nebraska joins BioMADE

Bio Nebraska is pleased to announce that we are now a member of BioMADE (Bioindustrial Manufacturing and Design Ecosystem), a Manufacturing Innovation Institute dedicated to advancing bioindustrial manufacturing across the nation.

BioMADE brings together a diverse range of member organizations, from large corporations to universities to start-ups. Launched with significant federal support in 2021, BioMADE harnesses the power of biology to create and domestically source the manufactured goods that people use every day.

“BioMADE is thrilled to welcome Bio Nebraska into its membership,” said BioMADE CEO Doug Friedman. “Bio Nebraska’s strength in building a bio-ecosystem in Nebraska and helping develop a needed workforce will bring critical experience and expertise to the BioMADE community and help us build and strengthen the foundation of American bioindustrial manufacturing.”

“We’re excited to partner with BioMADE and all of its member organizations to propel new biotechnology products from the laboratory to the commercial market,” said Rob Owen, Executive Director, Bio Nebraska. “The bioindustrial manufacturing ecosystem is poised for significant growth in the United States, especially Nebraska, during the coming decade, and by joining BioMADE, we’re ensuring that Bio Nebraska will be part of that growth. We look forward to working with BioMADE to advance the American bio-industrial manufacturing ecosystem and help create sustainable, bio-based products.”

Through funding, action, and engagement, BioMADE supports the development of biomanufacturing technologies to strengthen American competitiveness; create a more robust, resilient, and bio-based supply chain; and help the U.S. become more self-sufficient. BioMADE is also building a diverse and globally competitive STEM workforce by partnering with K-12 schools, community colleges, universities, and professional development organizations to ensure the workforce is prepared and ready to fill new jobs.

Members drive the priorities and success of BioMADE. Bio Nebraska will work with BioMADE and its nationwide roster of member organizations to secure America’s future through bioindustrial manufacturing innovation, education, and collaboration.

BioMADE is a Manufacturing Innovation Institute sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. Learn more about BioMADE, including how your organization can join us in becoming a member, by visiting their website or following them on LinkedIn and Twitter.