Bio Nebraska members, Thermo Fisher Scientific and UNMC, are collaborators on biomarker discovery, characterization

By Laura Bright, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Published at

UNMC will collaborate with Thermo Fisher Precision Medicine Science Center (PMSC) and AstraZeneca to develop innovative solutions to unmet needs in clinical biomarker discovery.

Massachusetts-based Thermo Fisher Scientific announced the new collaborations to strengthen the PMSC’s mission of creating standardized workflows with pharma and academic partners to streamline the transition from biomarker research to clinical implementation, creating new opportunities for precision medicine.

Ongoing and planned studies with both AstraZeneca and UNMC will utilize standardized plasma protein profiling workflows, including Thermo Fisher’s newly developed ultra-high throughput plasma protein profiling (uHTPPP) workflow, for biomarker discovery, for a range of conditions.

UNMC is collaborating with Thermo Fisher’s PMSC to utilize the company’s standardized plasma protein profiling workflows to analyze clinical samples in an aneurysm study. The study is supported by the National Institutes of Health-National Institute on Aging (NIH-NIA) and done in collaboration with Vanderbilt University, the University of Maryland and the University of Wisconsin.