Bluestem Biosciences files to obtain patents

Bluestem Biosciences, a member of Bio Nebraska, announced it has filed 24 patent applications to protect its anaerobic chemical platform.

Announcement from Bluestem Biosciences

Bluestem Biosciences, a renewable chemicals company focused on maximizing agriculture and energy infrastructure through leading-edge synthetic biology, announces the filing of 24 patent applications protecting its anaerobic chemical platform with a combined total addressable market over $100 billion. At commercial scale, Bluestem’s patent pending technologies will reduce carbon emission by an estimated 75% or more and be cost-competitive with petroleum based chemicals.

Bluestem’s patent-pending chemicals platform supports the company’s multi-year vision to decarbonize the chemicals industry with affordable bio-based alternatives capable of leveraging current infrastructure. This reimagined chemical platform leverages discovery tools utilizing the latest in digital biology to accelerate commercialization. These advancements unlock cost-competitive anaerobic bio-production, making chemicals from organisms not oil.

“We are excited to take this important step towards decarbonizing the chemical industry,” said Billy Hagstrom, CEO of Bluestem Biosciences. “Our technology has the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the chemical industry and to provide a sustainable solution for the bio-production of chemicals.”