Evonik launches updated Biolys® product for animal feeds

Evonik, a member of Bio Nebraska, announced on May 25, 2023, that it will launch an updated version of Biolys®, a lysine source for livestock feeds. The company’s Blair, Neb. facility will be one of the two Evonik facilities producing the product.

Announcement from Evonik

In keeping with the tradition of supplying the market with innovative products and solutions to benefit its customers, Evonik will launch a new generation of Biolys®, a proven source of lysine for livestock feeds, on June 1.

The new Biolys® formulation contains 62.4 percent L-lysine (an 80 percent ratio to Lysine HCl) compared to the current version’s 60 percent L-lysine (a 77 percent ratio to Lysine HCl). The product also contains valuable components resulting from its fermentation process — additional nutrients and energy that further benefit livestock such as swine or poultry.