Fermentation Collaborative Announces Advisory Committee

Bio Nebraska announced today that it has established an Advisory Committee for its Fermentation Collaborative.

The committee will help formulate and shape the Fermentation Collaborative’s efforts to develop, coordinate, and promote an emerging precision fermentation workforce and industry in Nebraska.

The Advisory Committee includes:
  • Rob Owen, Executive Director, Bio Nebraska
  • Dan Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer, Invest Nebraska
  • Tracy Niday, Co-Chair, Biotechnology Program, Southeast Community College
  • Misty Wehling, Co-Chair, Biotechnology Program, Southeast Community College
  • Tim Brummels, Chief Executive Officer & President, Synbiotic Health
  • Paul Caldwell, Site Director-Blair, Evonik
  • Josh Johnson, Director of Biologic Operations, Huvepharma
  • Vanessa Rising, Director, Enzyme Operations & General Manager, Novozymes
  • Reid Wagner, Executive Director, Nebraska Ethanol Board
  • Jared Wenger, Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder, Bluestem Biosciences
  • Bob Wilhelm, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“We have assembled leaders from across the state who represent industry, government agencies, and educational institutions to join the Fermentation Collaborative’s Advisory Committee,” said Rob Owen, Executive Director of Bio Nebraska. “Fermentation is essential to several of Nebraska’s leading industries and the broad experience and expertise across our committee creates the collaborative environment needed to support the growth of the fermentation workforce.”

The Fermentation Collaborative is a partnership between the bioscience industry and Nebraska’s colleges and universities. This past year, it received iHub designation from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, which will accelerate the Fermentation Collaborative’s purpose to grow a precision fermentation workforce, cultivate the entrepreneurship innovation fermentation ecosystem, and sustain a vibrant fermentation industry in Nebraska.