GRAIL Introduces Galleri, a Groundbreaking Multi-Cancer Early Detection Blood Test

Announcement by GRAIL, a member of Bio Nebraska

GRAIL, Inc., a healthcare company whose mission is to detect cancer early, presented on June 9, 2021 the first results from the interventional PATHFINDER study evaluating Galleri™, a multi-cancer early detection (MCED) blood test. The results, presented at the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting, support Galleri’s performance in clinical settings. The company also announced today that Galleri is now available in the U.S. by prescription only. 

“The interim results of PATHFINDER demonstrate that a routine blood test is capable of detecting many different cancers even before symptoms arise, an approach that has significant potential advantages,” said Dr. Tomasz M. Beer, deputy director at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and presenting author. “Most importantly, it can detect cancers that have no recommended screening tests today, and more than two-thirds of cancers go unscreened for this reason. These results are a pivotal step toward extending early detection to many more types of cancer.”