Bio Nebraska Webinar Influenza and COVID19: Planning and Implementation for the 2020/21 Influenza Season

September 9, 2020
Virtual Format

The potential for co-circulation of influenza and COVID19 disease creates a challenging situation for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons in the US. It is very difficult to predict what might happen in the coming months. The effects of influenza, COVID-19, and other respiratory diseases could culminate in increased disease and an overwhelming burden on healthcare systems. Efforts to mitigate disease, such as influenza vaccination, offer another layer of personal protection.

To better prepare for the upcoming flu seasons States need to address specific questions:
  • Are states ready for how the coronavirus may impact the flu season?
  • How can we safeguard flu vaccination and thereby minimize the impact of flue on the other respiratory diseases we confront?
  • How can antivirals be used in the upcoming flu epidemic?

This discussion will explore learnings from the current Southern Hemisphere winter, where responses to both influenza and coronavirus are occurring simultaneously, offer insights as to how governments, providers and public health stakeholders in the Northern Hemisphere can prepare for the upcoming season.

Moderator: Phyllis Arthur, VP ID and Diagnostics Policy at BIO 
LJ Tan, MS, PhD. Chief of Strategy, Immunization Action Coalition
Claire Hannan, MPH, Executive Director, Association of Immunization Managers
Jonathan Anderson is Senior Medical Director Seqirus Asia-Pacific