Lincoln company aims to develop “second generation” of COVID-19 vaccines

Adjuvance Technologies, a member of Bio Nebraska, aims to be a part of the second generation of COVID-19 vaccines. Reported by Lincoln’s KLKN-TV.

Even as COVID-19 vaccines are being delivered and administered all over the world, companies are already planning development of the second generation of COVID vaccines.

Dr. Tyler Martin, who is the CEO of Adjuvance Technologies, says his company is already planning as if there will be a need for COVID-19 vaccines in the years to come. His vision is to eventually have a plant in Lincoln that will employ 60 people to produce adjuvants for vaccines.

“It’s our suspicion that COVID is not going to be a one-time problem, that this will be an ongoing problem that we’ll have to deal with,” Martin said. “While it’s great that we have these early vaccines from Madonna and Pfizer and people like that, we’re going to eventually need to have really optimized vaccines. That’s where we think we can play a role.”