For our May Member Spotlight we talked to MatMaCorp, a Lincoln-based molecular diagnostics company that develops, manufacturers, and sells portable devices and testing solutions for the research, agriculture, veterinary health, and human diagnostics markets. 

Tell us about MatMaCorp.

Materials and Machines Corporation (MatMaCorp) is a molecular diagnostics company that develops, manufacturers, and sells portable devices and testing solutions for the research, agriculture, veterinary health, and human diagnostics markets. 

Founded in 2014, our portable technologies are changing the current testing paradigm by supplementing large, sophisticated equipment with small, simple, and inexpensive sample to answer solutions. MatMaCorp has several proprietary technologies that test for infectious diseases as well as heritable traits and genetic disorders, both in the field or in a laboratory. We are one of a few companies whose device can test for a pathogen and mutation simultaneously, particularly without the need of highly trained technicians. 

What products and services do you offer?

MatMaCorp has three categories of diagnostic products: DNA/RNA detection devices, test kits, and sample processing kits. The products can be sold together as a system, independently, or customized for specific applications.  For example, certain customers run their tests on our device and conversely, we develop custom tests to run on other labs instruments. As an innovative company, we have a tremendous amount of flexibility. 

MYRTA is a single sample, single channel fluorescence detection device that performs sample lysis/inactivation, RT-PCR, and automatic sample analysis. 
The Solas 8 is a portable, four channel fluorescence detection system.
Why is Nebraska an important location for MatMaCorp?

There are several advantages of being in Nebraska. There is a growing start-up ecosystem led by organizations like Bio Nebraska and Invest Nebraska. These organizations do a tremendous job of representing the life sciences and managing relationships between industry, university, and state government. The Nebraska Department of Economic Development and the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development are two other great resources. The team at NDED and LPED are always accessible and knowledgeable. Finally, the Nebraska legislature continues to strengthen the climate for early-stage companies through programs like the Business & Innovation Act.   

How many employees do you have?

We have 28 employees at our Lincoln headquarters. Our team consists of innovative and highly educated individuals, including 10 with Ph.D.’s.

Who are your customers and where are they located?

MatMaCorp has a diverse customer base including universities and government researchers, veterinarians, medical centers, large dairy operations, and private corporations. The use cases are varied but the outcomes have shown a demand for low-cost diagnostic and genotyping solutions that function in a laboratory or non-traditional settings. 

What are some of the biggest challenges in the diagnostics industry today and how does MatMaCorp play a role in helping overcome those challenges?

There is a paradigm shift happening in molecular diagnostics transitioning from lab-based testing to portable applications. This is driven by a handful of companies and academics who are working on new materials, new devices, nanotechnology, and micro-engineering to bring these technologies together to create innovative products and solutions. As part of this shift, the expectation is a reduction in size of the scientific instrument and simplicity of use. We believe these innovations will improve access to testing and positively impact the healthcare of humans and animals.

What else would you like to include?

Despite our location and small size of the company, MatMaCorp has placed products in more than ten countries on five continents. We recognize that there is a need for our technologies throughout the world, not just Nebraska or the continental U.S.