New analysis finds University of Nebraska’s annual economic impact grows to $5.8 billion

The University of Nebraska System, a member of Bio Nebraska, announced that its teaching, research, and outreach activities grow the state’s economy by $5.8 billion every year, according to a recent independent analysis.

Announcement from the University of Nebraska System

The teaching, research and outreach activities of the University of Nebraska grow the state’s economy by $5.8 billion every year, according to an independent new analysis of the NU System’s significant and far-reaching impact on Nebraska’s prosperity and quality of life.

The analysis, unveiled today to the Board of Regents, was conducted by Tripp Umbach, a national consultant with expertise in economic impact studies. Tripp Umbach’s findings, which detail the university’s impact by campus, region and legislative district, show that the NU System generates $9 for every $1 the state invests – a significant increase from the 7-to-1 ROI the university created in 2019.

That all four campuses grew their impact even while managing the challenges of COVID-19 is evidence of the vital role the university plays in maintaining the economic competitiveness and well-being of the state, NU System President Ted Carter said.