Nova-Tech Has Opening for Laboratory Control Supervisor

Bio Nebraska member, Nova-Tech, Inc., has an immediate opening for a Laboratory Control Supervisor at their facility in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Job: Laboratory Control Supervisor
Reports To: Laboratory Control Manager 
Job Level: V 
Position: Full-Time, 40+ hours, Salaried Exempt

Job Summary: The Laboratory Control (LC) Supervisor will oversee the duties and functions in the laboratory control system and ensure testing and other responsibilities are conducted timely and accurately within a GMP aseptic fill manufacturing facility.

Job Scope: Laboratory Control System is one of six quality systems. The LC Supervisor will work directly with the Laboratory Control Manager and other system supervisors. The LC Supervisor is required to understand and be familiar with other systems’ functions and procedures.


  1. Set and revise raw material, in-process material, and finished product specifications
  2. Review LC test results
  3. Manage miscellaneous testing
  4. Review trending
  5. Order and maintain laboratory supplies
  6. Subject Matter Expert of assigned LC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and forms; responsible for establishing and revising these documents
  7. Supervise, train, delegate responsibilities and work loads of LC Technicians
  8. Recommend the hiring, firing, advancement, promotion or any other change of status of employees to the Laboratory Control Manager
  9. Backup position for other LC Technicians
  10. Manage and carry-through assigned projects i.e. pre-shipment samples, pH adjustment, and testing of vendor approval
  11. Assist in product and business development.  Develop, validate, and implement test methods for new and existing material and products.
  12. Other duties as assigned

Knowledge and Job Skills:

  1. Detail oriented with organizational skills and ability to multi-task and meet deadlines
  2. Goal oriented and ready to commit to responsibility
  3. Critical and systematic thinking and problem solving skills
  4. Good composition, data input, and analysis skills
  5. Will work production to develop knowledge of manufacturing processes
  6. Able to lift 30-50 lbs.

Minimum Education and Experience:

  1. BS graduate with background knowledge in Natural Sciences or equivalent experience
  2. Proficient in MS Excel and MS Word with the ability to use a computer and associated programs necessary to perform the position requirements
  3. GMP/GLP experience in validations, protocol, and report writing
  4. Working knowledge of scientific principles and understanding of quality and GMP requirements
  5. Ability to read, write, speak, and understand English sufficiently to perform the duties of this position

Pre Employment Screening:

  1. Drug Screening including use of tobacco            
  2. Background Screening
  3. Visual Acuity Screening 

Benefits Summary:

  1. Paid Vacation
  2. Holiday, Sick, and Birthday Pay
  3. Group Insurance Plan including Health, Dental, Vision, Term Life, and Disability 
  4. Long Term Disability Insurance
  5. Flex Savings Plan
  6. SIMPLE Simplified Employee Pension Plan
  7. Direct Deposit
  8. Paid Uniforms, including Safety Shoes
  9. Whole Life Insurance
To apply today, email Kirk Feeney at [email protected].