Study Validates the First Automated Chest Tube Clearance System for Cardiac Surgery

Omaha-based Centese, a member of Bio Nebraska, announced that the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Open published the first peer-reviewed clinical study on Thoraguard®, Centese’s digital drainage system for cardiac surgery.
Announcement by Centese

Centese, Inc. announces the first peer-reviewed clinical study on its Thoraguard® digital drainage system for cardiac surgery at Stanford University Medical Center, published in the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Open. Thoraguard is the first and only digital chest tube management system that provides automated clog clearance without human intervention while continuously and precisely monitoring critical physiological parameters to inform clinical decision-making and optimize outcomes.

The study found that Thoraguard is safe and effective compared to conventional analog chest tubes when used following cardiac surgery (the study’s primary endpoints). The authors noted that the Thoraguard occlusion (clog) rate (2%) and reintervention rate were exceptionally low. In addition, the automated clog clearance function enabled cardiac surgeons to use smaller chest tubes than conventional tubes for enhanced patient comfort.

“This study shows that the future of cardiac surgery and chest drainage is upon us. Our surgical tools must be digitally enabled to keep pace with technological advances in the field,” commented Jack Boyd, MD, clinical associate professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Stanford University Medical Center and the principal investigator of the study.

Effective postoperative chest drainage is critical following cardiac and thoracic surgery. Yet, there have been few technological advancements in decades. Conventional analog chest drainage systems rely heavily on frequent manual monitoring and intervention. These systems are also prone to errors, which can result in serious complications and significant expense.

Designed to overcome the limitations of conventional analog chest tube devices, the Thoraguard Intelligent Chest Tube Management System is the first and only system equipped with automatic chest tube clearing and continuous, precision digital monitoring.

“The technological shortcomings of conventional analog chest drainage systems are well recognized. This study validates the potential for Thoraguard to transform post-op recovery in cardiac and thoracic surgery, leading to better results for patients, providers, and hospitals,” commented Centese Co-Founder and CEO Evan Luxon.