Welcome Don’t Panic Labs

We are excited to welcome new Bio Nebraska member, Don’t Panic Labs.

Founded in 2010, Don’t Panic Labs was created as the software development arm of Nebraska Global, a $37.3 million software investment fund located in Lincoln, Nebraska. After helping to create several local software-based companies, they discovered that their software product development processes were needed by more than early-stage companies.

Since 2014, they have partnered with companies of all sizes – from startups to Fortune 500 corporations – to build new software systems, enhance existing platforms, and level up development teams with advanced educational offerings. In 2022, Don’t Panic Labs purchased Nebraska Global’s interest in the company.

Their team approaches all engagements with a belief easily expressed through the equation, “Your Vision + Our Engineering”. Every engagement is treated as a partnership, where each side brings their unique knowledge sets together to create the best outcomes possible.

Don’t Panic Labs is headquartered in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska.