Welcome GreenSlate Development

We are excited to welcome new Bio Nebraska member, GreenSlate Development.

GreenSlate Development is responsible for creating and managing Omaha’s Blackstone District – a once forgotten stretch of Farnam Street, is now a diverse, mixed-use community where people can live, work and play. Since its inception, the neighborhood has seen an explosion in new development totaling over $200M in new investment including most recently the renovation of the historic Cottonwood Hotel. Connected to the easter border of UNMC’s campus, and in the heart of Midtown Omaha, the Blackstone District is designed with modern urban living in mind. GreenSlate is committed to not only creating a truly unique experience here in Omaha, but something that is relevant and significant on a national scale. GreenSlate is also committed to making Omaha a world class city, one that will retain and attract the talented workforce needed to grow and thrive.