Welcome Ting Therapeutics

We are excited to welcome new Bio Nebraska member, Ting Therapeutics.

Ting Therapeutics LLC (Ting) was founded in August 2018 by Dr. Jian Zuo and Dr. Tal Teitz, both of whom are faculty at the Creighton University School of Medicine. The mission of Ting is to develop therapeutics to prevent and treat hearing loss. The initial focus is on low-cost, point-of-care technology to protect hearing function. The initially targeted patient populations are testicular cancer patients who receive cisplatin chemotherapy and cystic fibrosis (CF) patients who receive aminoglycosides against bacterial infection; both treatments normally cause hearing loss in more than half of these patients. In addition to developing multiple proprietary new chemical entities (NCEs), Ting has repurposed a pipeline of FDA-approved drugs for other indications; repurposing drugs can significantly expedite clinical studies with half of the cost and time. Ting has been awarded three NIH SBIR phase I grants and two NIH SBIR phase II grants, and multiple State matching funds. Currently Ting employs three employees including an experienced CSO, Dr. Marisa Zallocchi, who is also a faculty member at Creighton University School of Medicine, a Senior Scientist who has many years of experience in pharmacology of HIV, and an experienced senior technician. Ting’s laboratory is housed in the Criss I building (room 210) within Creighton University. Ting is currently looking for additional investments to carry out IND-enabling studies and clinical phase I and IIa trials.